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Sligo Town Branch website was developed in accordance with

Changing Font Size

To increase the size of the webpage and therefore the size of the text simply use the Ctrl + function to enlarge or Ctrl - to make it smaller.


This site has been designed to allow the user to tab from link to link in a logical order.

Shortcut Keys

You can navigate the LAPWD website using shortcut keys. Simply use the shortcuts below then hit enter/return key to navigate to the specified page.

  • Alt + H = Home
  • Alt + A = About Us
  • Alt + E = Events
  • Alt + F = Fiddler of Dooney Competition
  • Alt + G = Gallery
  • Alt + L = Links
  • Alt + C = Contact Us
  • Alt + M = Become a Member
  • Alt + S = Sitemap

Screen Reader Friendly

Every page has hidden links to allow for ease of access when using
a screen reader. Hidden links to main content and navigation bar are
placed at the top of every page.